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Borvoe McMidnite is a hip-hop artist based in the Bay Area of California. The name Borvoe came from a Celtic sun god named Borvoe. McMidnite is a way of saying son of the night or of the night. Borvoe also grew fond of classic 60s-80s R&B and Soul ballads from his mother’s choice of music. Some of Borvoe’s main influences in hip-hop include Nas, Wu-Tang, Bone Thugs, and MF DOOM. The style that Borvoe displays can be described as the reality of fantasies, or physically living your dreams. Borvoe began writing rhymes and recording around 2008.


Borvoe McMidnite is a Hip Hop artist with a classic approach.
Taking listeners to a new plateau covering the edge, back, middle, and front.


Borvoe McMidnite – PolyChromatic Opalescent feat. Quest Savage

Borvoe McMidnite and Quest Savage are performing PolyChromatic Opalescent. Music video that is brilliant in its simplicity.

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Borvoe McMidnite – Digital Display

You want an emcee with skills & a dope flow? Then look no further than lyricist on the rise, Borvoe McMidnite !

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Nothing less than history is the direction.

After a few years of consistent recording, Borvoe decided to release a low quality mixtape titled “Two Hitter Quitter” circa 2011-12. “Two Hitter Quitter” was followed by a 5 track 3 part EP series titled “Mr. 3° Burns”. The first installment was released the summer of 2012 titled “Mr. 3° Burns”. The second part of the series was released during the summer of 2013 titled Mr. 3° Burns Part Deux and received a notable review by a journalist from VICE Portugal. The summer of 2014 ended the series with Mr. 3° Burns Cubed (re-released a limited addition later that year). By the end of 2015, Borvoe released a self titled 5 track mixtape. Between the full releases, Borvoe has worked with a number of hip-hop producers from around the world to release loose singles.

Keep your “ears” open to “see”
the rise of Tha Midnite Sun
Borvoe McMidnite…

I haunt rappers and turn days to night…

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Article from VICE!

The MC of the Night, catches listeners ears
with unlikely punchlines and great beat selections…

The second part of the series was released during the summer of 2013 titled Mr. 3° Burns Part Deux and received a notable review by the journalist Miguel Arsénio from VICE Portugal.

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Borvoe is changing the way you look at music and putting the phrase “judge a BOOK by it’s cover” into extinction.

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Up and coming MC with a stern presence. I’m open for questions.


Born below the horizon, shines from beneath to rising. The lyrical assassin from City-Town, California

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The message is clear,
he is doing everything
you think he can’t.